Here are some answers to questions that you may have about D A T A. If your question is not addressed or answered here, or if you continue to have trouble with one of the demos, please send email to D A T A.

What browser works best with D A T A?

D A T A has no browser preference. All of the demos and applets have been developed to work equally well on Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The biggest concern is that you have the latest version of the browser you prefer. The newer versions integrate Flash and Java better than the older versions of the broswers. So, if you do not have the latest versions, please get them.

Internet Explore

Why won't the Java / JavaScript demos play on my browser?

There could be several reasons for this the most common are:
(1) Your broswer is out of date and does not support Java / JavaScript. In this case, upgrade to a newer browser. See the above post on upgrading your browser.
(2) Both Netscape and Internet Explorer allow the user to "turn off" support for Java and JavaScript. Make sure this option is not checked. Here's how

Internet Explorer: In the menu bar click Tools->Internet Options. This will open a dialogue window. In that window, choose the security tab. Make sure the "Internet" icon is highlighted in the window, and click the "Custom Level" button. This will open another dialog window. Scroll down until you see the section labeled "Microsoft VM". Under this section is another section labeled "Java Permissions". Make sure "Disable Java" is not checked. Any of the other settings ought to be fine, "High Safety" is the default. Click ok, answer yes to the dialogue window, and click ok to close the "Internet Options" window. Now, try reloading the page.

Netscape Navigator: In the menu bar click on Edit->Preferences. A "Preferences" window will open. In the "Category" area of this window, on the right, highlight the category "Advanced" by clicking once on it. Make sure checkmarks appear next to "Enable JavaScript" and "Enable Java" on the menu of choices in the left part of this window. Click ok and try re-loading the page.

How do I know if I have Flash installed on my browser?

If you see the moving image to the right, then you have Flash.

If you just see an image and no animation, then you need to get and install Flash. However, if the image you see is animated, but you are still seeing static images for some of the more complex demos (such as Seasons) then you have an older version of Flash installed and you need to click the link below to upgrades. It is very simple, just click on the "Get Flash" button below, and follow the instructions.


Why don't the Flash demos work?

If the flash demos do not work, then either Flash is not installed in your browser, or the installation is "broken", and you need to re-install it. See the above topic, "How do I know if I have Flash installed on my browser?" for more information on obtaining Flash.