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Data Management


CARMA archive


The Radio Astronomy Imaging group has a long involvement with data management for radio astronomy telescopes. Projects include:

Astronomical Digital Image Library (ADIL)

The purpose of the Astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL) is to collect astronomical, research-quality images and make them available to the astronomical community and the general public. Patrons access the Library through the World Wide Web to search for and browse images. Once images are located in the Library, users may download them to their local machines in FITS format for further analysis. The ADIL was developed by R. Plante and D. Mehringer.

CARMA archive

All CARMA science data are transferred to NCSA in near real-time and archived to tertiary storage at NCSA. These data are served to the user community via the CARMA archive. The CARMA archive was developed by Lisa Xu, Athol Kemball, & Doug Friedel.

BIMA archive

Although the BIMA telescope has been subsumed in CARMA, the BIMA archive repository and user interface remains at NCSA, as the primary archive site. Community access to this historical archive is ongoing. The BIMA archive was developed by R. Plante and D. Mehringer.

Background file-transfer tool (bgftp)

The CARMA network connection is not high-bandwidth, and needs to be shared between multiple users at the CARMA site. For robust, secure data transfer to NCSA. the bgftp tool was developed as domain-specific cyberinfrastructure to accomplish this task, and support configurable network use. It is built on top of the Globus GridFTP service, and was developed by Lisa Xu.

Data Retrieval Tool (DaRT)

DaRT (Data [or Document] Retrieval Tool) is a Java application used for simultaneous retrieval of documents and archived scientific instrument data that can be accessed via the World Wide Web. It is easy for administrators to plug support for their servers into DaRT, and it is also available as a Java Web Start application. Known archives which support DaRT are the CARMA Data Archive, the BIMA Data Archive, and the Astronomy Digital Image Library. DaRT was developed by D. Mehringer, with ongoing contributions by Lisa Xu.

National Virtual Observatory (NVO)

The National Virtual Observatory (NVO) is an NSF-funded project to build an environment for doing astronomical research over the network. Taking advantage of all of the existing on-line astronomical archives and databases from around the world, it provides tools for finding, collecting, integrating, and analyzing data remotely.  NCSA is an active partner in this distributed project specializing in data discovery through resource registries, metadata development, and Secure Single Sign-on. More information about the project and our involvement can be found here.