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IMViz GUI element

IMViz Version 1.0.3

IMViz is a tool for visual data analysis built at NCSA with original support from the NSF/ARPA Grand Challenge project in Radio Astronomy Imaging, and subsequent investment by NCSA. IMViz is a tool for two-dimensional visualization and relies on Motif and Xlib for its user interface and drawing capabilities.

IMViz 1.0.3 beta binaries are available for Intel based Linux systems. Binaries for Sun Solaris and MacOS 10 (PPC) should be available shortly.

Included below is a listing of the major IMViz features. Also available are download instructions, the User's Guide to IMViz, and information about the people who are building IMViz.

However, a number of internal changes have been made that may have affected its stability. Any inquiries concerning IMViz may be sent to: hr@astro.uiuc.edu

IMViz features:

  • Easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Input of FITS image files (including blanked pixels).
  • FITS image files are not read into main memory (i.e., such files are memory-mapped), enabling large files to be displayed and explored. However, IMViz's operations and graphics do require a reasonably sized machine, with "reasonable" amounts of memory and swap space.
  • IMViz can read MIRIAD image files.
  • Display of 2D images, and display of any orthogonal 2D slice from a 3D cube. For example, from the 3D image cube with dimensions RA, DEC, and VELOCITY, display RA vs. DEC for a given VELOCITY.
  • Interactive display of pixel coordinates, world coordinates (e.g. RA and Dec), and data values as the mouse cursor is moved around the image.
  • Interactive vector (line drawing) plots of data value vs. coordinate value, e.g., for plots of line profile plots or intensity vs. spatial position.
  • Interactive specification of rectangular subregions and magnified display of subregions.
  • Image scaling (by pixel replication or subsampling).
  • Support for display of multiple images simultaneously.
  • Animated sweeping through slices along any dimension.
  • Synchronized sweeping for multiple data cubes. That is, the corresponding slices of each data cube are displayed during the animated sweep. Synchronized picking, for simultaneous display of data values, subregions in multiple data sets, or profiles from multiple data cubes based on selection of positions in a single image.
  • Blinking between two (or more) images.
  • Complete colormap editor for creation and editing of color look-up tables.
  • Overlays of vectors, markers and text from a user generated file.
  • Support for TrueColor windows.

Downloading IMViz, Version 1.0.3 beta

Binaries (including the manual) for Version 1.0.3 beta are available for the platforms listed below.

To automatically download any of these items:

  • hold down the Shift key and click with Button 1 on the link (Netscape), or
  • use the "Load to local disk" menu choice (NCSA-Mosaic).

    You will be prompted for a name for the saved file.

    Linux x86

    Versions for Solaris 5.8 and MacOS 10 should be available shortly.

    If you would like to download just the IMViz User's Guide, it is available in PostScript or HTML